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ARREST- 1) Habitual Larceny (f)...
at 2628 S Main St
at I74/johnson St
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Disclaimer: The High Point Police Department cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the records provided on this site, especially older records. To confirm any information provided here, please call the High Point Police Department at 336 887 7940. Attempted suicide reports are not available on this site. To obtain a public copy, please visit our Records Department.
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Welcome to the City of High Point`s Police to Citizen (P2C) website, intended to provide public information and reports to High Point residents. You can print copies of police reports, or view a daily bulletin of events. To report a crime, life threatening emergency or traffic accident call 911 immediately. To report a crime that has already occurred or to provide additional information for a crime that has already been reported please call the non-emergency number at: 336 – 883-3224. Examples include updating addresses, phone numbers, additional items lost or stolen.
Non-emergency phone number: 336-883-3224
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